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Important: Please note that the sizing chart below, should only be used as a guideline. Our range of swimwear is very forgiving & works best with the shape of your body. We cater for size 6 - 18 depending on the shape of your body.

So, do visit our boutique in Kensington (near Eastgate), Johannesburg.

Brazil South Africa Cup  Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
  P      SA-B 81-86 60-71 83-89
  M      MB-C 86-91 66-79 89-99
  G      LB-C 91-96 68-83 91-106
  GG      XLC-D 96-104 73-91 96-111

* Find out what your Body Type is below: *

It is important to know which body type you are before you begin shopping or thinking about which swimsuit you should wear.
Don't judge yourself harshly...Remember there is no better body type than your own!

The following terms have an associative image to help you understand. Remember the “signs” mean that not all of the given points have to apply to you; it’s just a guide to help you get the idea.

** Apple: **

You’re top heavy, and smaller from the waist down. The Apple is similar to the Hour Glass, but you have slightly larger upper body with broad shoulders. Think of an upside down triangle with the two corners on the top. That would represent your shoulders.
Celebrities with Apple shape bodies are Tyra Banks and Dolly Parton.
Signs you are an Apple:
-Large chest or breasts for your frame
-Broad shoulders
-Generally your upper body has a larger frame compared to your bottom’s
Tip: Avoid wearing low cut tops, instead swimsuits with high neck or thick straps. Any swimsuit with support particularly at the chest will help. Tankinis will work wonders for you.

** Pear: **
You are smaller on top, and larger on the bottom. Think of a tear drop shape, it gets larger at the bottom.
If you have a similar body type to Oprah, then you’re a Pear.
Signs you are a Pear:

-Large hips and thighs
-Smaller upper body
-When you gain weight, it tends to show up around your thighs and hips
Tip: Try swimsuits with a skirt or boy shorts. Colours should be a dark solid on the bottom and lighter for your top (draws the attention to your top). Colour block swimsuits can focus the attention to the centre of your body rather than your curves making you look slimmer at the same time.

** Round: **
Most of your weight is around your tummy, with large breasts. You have an overall rounded body shape with a wide waist. Many women at one point or another will fall under this shape due to natural changes in the body.
Signs you are a Round shape:

 -You have narrow shoulders and hips.
-You don’t have a well defined waistline
-The centre of your body is largest
-Or you may wear plus sizes.
Tip: Try One Piece swimsuits that have prints and patterns that distract the eyes away from the swimsuit. Tummy control swimsuits are also a good option to help flatten your gut. High cut legs will make your entire body appear longer.

** Hour Glass: **

A much sought after body, with a curvy body type. Well defined waist and proportional breasts and hips. If you turn sideways you can visualize an S shape on your body’s profile.
Jessica Simpson’s body is an Hour Glass shape.
Signs you are an Hour Glass:
-When shopping for clothes, your tops’ size always matches your bottoms’
-You tend to have the most common body size and have trouble buying clothes during a sale
-People tell you “You should be a model”
Tip: You’re one lucky girl; with your body type you can pretty much wear any style you want.

** Slim/Athletic: **
You've got a small frame in general, with little or no curves. Slim/Athletic women have small bone structures, with lower than average body fat percentage.
Signs you’re Slim/Athletic:
-You’re an athlete!
-You’ve still got some growing up to do…physically not mentally
-People always tell you “You’re so skinny!”
-You wear tall or petite sizes
-Or you have a small bust size
Tip: Two piece swimsuits will show off your body and will also make you look curvier. Wear push up or add-a-cup-size bra sized swimsuits. Choose solid colours. And avoid designs that are too detailed, you want a smooth appearance to make your boobs and butt pop out.