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Proper swimsuit care will prolong the life and effectiveness of your swimsuit. 


Your swimsuit takes a severe beating when it’s worn at the pool or at the beach. The fabric gets stretched, continuously drenched in water, shocked by hot and cold temperatures, grinds against sand, and most of all it endures you! You put your swimsuit through so much, so it’s time to make up to it. Give it some TLC. It will love you too in return.

** Washing: **
When you’re done swimming or sunbathing, it is highly recommended to first soak or rinse the swimwear in tap water. This gets rid of most of the sand, salt and chlorine. Most beaches have showers or taps for such purposes.
If you wore a swimsuit during rigorous activities, it is very important to wash the sports bra, as soon as possible. Your skin produces sweat and natural oils that break down the elasticity of the fabric. Did you know that the same goes for your bras or undergarments? They never fit as well as you when you first bought it, due to sweat, which is inevitable. Swimsuits with spandex will turn yellow when exposed to chlorine and polyester, the most commonly used fabric tends to grab onto oils. Since sports bras and athletic swimwear have the highest content of spandex or Lycra, it is imperative to take proper cleaning habits to prolong its effectiveness.
Never put your bathing suit in a washing machine because it’s too abrasive for the fabric. It takes less than 5 minutes out of your day to put it in the sink and hand wash it. When washing, use a regular detergent, preferably liquid so it doesn’t need to dissolve and abrade the fabric. Bleach is a no-no. Turn the swimsuit inside out to avoid damaging the outside. Be gentle and don’t use anything other than your hands to wash. Wring the water out and it’s time to dry the swimsuit.

** Drying: **
This is the easy part of swimsuit care, all you have to do is clip it on a indoor clothes line or hang it to dry.
Do not let it sit in the sun because UV exposure will fade colors.
Lay your swimsuit flat to dry, this will eliminate wrinkles and folds.

Only fold and store the swimsuit when it’s completely dry.