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What is the Brazilian Bikini?

Brazil, known for its beaches, sports, festivals and music, is also known for its sexy, curvaceous women and it’s these same Brazilian beauties, who popularized this trendy style of bikini. Any cheek-exposing, low-rise bottoms are considered to be Brazilian and they are designed in all different shapes and styles, so rest assured that you’ll find one that suits you. Compared to the average bikini brief, the Brazilian offers a touch less coverage in the back, allowing for more skin to be exposed. The coverage in the front is still the same, while the sides can vary depending on the design. Either way, there’s no disputing, that the extra exposure is extra sexy.

The Brazilian Bikini bottom has a signature cut of being very high on the hips, barely covering the pelvic bone in the front. In the back, the three different bottoms are revealing, more revealing and very revealing. The Tanga, which offers moderate coverage on each side in the back. The Asa Delta, brings the strip in the back in much closer, just short of a thong. Then, the Fio Dental is literally dental floss in the rear.

The Brazilian Tops, like the bottoms, leave little to the imagination. There are three styles, with the same basic goal: sunbathing taken very seriously. The Triangle top covers the breast area with two fabric cups, shaped like a triangle, connected with strings that tie at the neck and back. The Halter top has the same shape, but it uses more fabric. The top is not conservative, though. Instead it is basically worn by those with a larger bust, to keep them from falling out. The Bandeau is a slender tube top, which fastens in the middle of the back, with or without ties to the neck.